New Zealand Pet Foods Ltd

Providing wholesome, nutritional petfood that is:

  • healthy for your cat or dog
  • so tasty your pet will love our range of meals and treats
  • ideal for pets with allergies
  • stored fresh or frozen
  • available in bulk from our factory shops
  • sold at selected supermarkets in the chiller and frozen petfood sections
  • made in NZ by 100% owned and operated NZ manufacturer with locally sourced ingredients

We practice what we preach. We feed our own cats and dogs on a natural diet. All are incredibly healthy with gorgeous coats. Browse our product range and contact us to arrange your order

Like a lot of our consumer goods, pet food has become a highly processed product full of unnatural ingredients that our pets wouldn't normally consume. Often, they're focused more on human convenience than your treasured pet's health.

At New Zealand Petfoods we decided it was time to create a product that can significantly improve the health and wellbeing of your pet - naturally.
As a carnivore your cat obtains all its required nutrients and minerals from a prey based diet. Dogs, on the other hand are omnivores by nature and can therefore eat both animal and vegetable matter in order to survive.

In the wild, dogs are predominantly carnivorous gaining their sustenance from a prey based diet and have the ability to switch to an herbaceous diet to survive when hunting prey becomes difficult.

The Maranui range of products uses this principle, to provide a natural meat based diet that caters to your pet's nutritional need - just as nature intended. View our range of products and food for your pet...

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Factory Shop


As most of our product is stored frozen we are unable to deliver to a residential or rural address. Please phone or visit our shop to arrange your order...
Call: 0800 688 880 to arrange delivery - or - Visit: our Factory 32 Redruth St, Timaru to buy direct from our shop.